About the man


I’m serial_ , a committed e-phile and critic of all things worthy of skepticism. I was born in the armpit of southern Idaho, where my only link to the world was through a 28.8k modem and my 17″ CRT.

I’ve grown up tethered to Internet culture, and over the years have found myself DJing or hosting Internet prank call shows from such great crews as prankradio, iradio, and prankcallradio.com.

I have an affinity for developing addictions to MMOs, which began back in 1999 with Ultima Online, which I played until 2003. I then switched addictions to EverQuest, and after returning from a humanitarian mission to Haiti I became an avid fan of World of Warcraft, which I no longer play. I now play Guild Wars and several other titles not worth mentioning.

I also love intellectual discourse, and am a fan of European philosophy, particularly anything dealing with the postmodernist musings on the nature of reality. I like movies that make you think, and I read books that make other people’s eyes hurt, if only for that reason. I enjoy writing and am an aspiring author, and used to write regular editorials and commentary for hektik.org.

Being that I’m from So.ID I had an 83.6% probability of being born Mormon and, in a loud, bloody fit of cesarean labor, I was. I am no longer Mormon, although not officially resigned. I have no desire to associate with or affiliate with the group in any capacity. Missionaries visiting my place of residence will be shot… with a squirt gun. That’s right: knock on my door and you will be super soakered and promptly ridiculed for being soggy.

[There used to be some really diplomatic crap here about how not-totally-absurd Mormons are and how their beliefs are valid. Screw that. Mythology is mythology. I no longer see the point in distinguishing Jesus from Zeus. Fictional gods are fictional.] No dinosaurs in bonnets, yahkthx. If anything in this paragraph offends you, this is not the blog for you. Moving on…

I curse like a sailor having his man parts ravaged by an angry cat, and I’m damn proud of it. I like to pride myself on the love of all things disturbing, and I think that Silent Hill should be an integral part of every child’s early development (I kid, I kid).

That’s me :)