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With all the ftp issues sorted out, taking on a few less hours during the week, and starting some new ADHD meds, I’ve found the time, ability, and desire to work on the blog again. Much of this blog so far has been ranting and religion, with a splash of video game love thrown in there. I plan to do more of the first and third, and cut back on the religion. But not this post. Why you ask? Because, frankly, religion is empty. It’s a hallow, vacuous shell of seeming virtue that, at the first logical inquiry posing the ever-damning ‘why,’ falls apart at the fault of it’s own legs.

I don’t think religion is evil, I don’t think it’s anything vile, repugnant, or vicious. I think it’s stupid. Particularly Christianity. Why? It’s organized superstition based off a book where donkeys talk to people and a demigod half-man was stapled to a tree and then, when people returned to find the corpse missing, jumped to the next closest logical conclusion(?) and, of course, declared that he rose from the grave and ascended into the sky, which Yuri Gagarin so succinctly pointed out as inane when he boldly stated “I see no god up here.” when he ventured into space before any other human being got a chance to peer into the cosmos first-hand. So where was this then-modern incarnation of Horus floating to? Are we contributing the lunar landing to the wrong individual? Did Jesus write his name in the sea of tranquility with a tendril of a demigod’s celestial urine?

Seriously, though, it’s unreasonable of Christians to expect me to accept their faith. If someone came to you and said that they were inspired to kill their only son, would you declare them a prophet of god? No. But Christians will not only expect you to believe their insane shit alongside them, but they also expect you to accept the fact that they believe in utter nonsense. Fitting two of every species of animal on a boat and taking a month-and-a-half long yachting trip to Egypt? I’m sorry, but I’m not buying it. And the assertion that I should is, frankly, nothing short of insulting.

So that’s where I am on the religion front. I’ve given it up. Take all of the current religious views, and all of the religious, spiritual, scientific and philosophical outcomes that have been asserted by people throughout the ages and give them all the equal chance of being right, because let’s face it–without knowing the outcome before hand–*anything* is possible. Those are some pretty steep odds. For the sake of me not doing an enormous amount of statistical probability calculations, let’s just say one in 100 million. Apply the 1:100,000,000 odds to a horse race. I’m willing to put a dollar on it, but there’s no way I’ll stake my mortgage. I feel the exact same sentiment toward any religion. Sure any one of them could be right, or at least partially right, and I’m willing to chime in and say this or that is a nice religious philosophy, but I’m not about to stake 10% of my income, multiple hours a week engaging in religious tedium or the countless hours spent impressing carpet patterns into my knees while talking to the light fixture on the whim of a hope of a chance that all of this will not be for naught.

I’d rather live my life. I only get one, and in all actually I have an equal chance of everything blinking out of existence and my consciousness immediately ceasing upon death as I do transcending the mortal coil. In simpler terms: there’s a lot to lose if you stake a belief and faith in something whereas if you don’t you have very little to lose and a whole lot to gain. Believing that in all actuality life will snap to black and my existence fizzle is not as bad as it sounds. I’m right: I’m not around to care about how shitty that concept turned reality is. I’m wrong: I get to go on living in another form, which really is sweet no matter what mythical tortures ignorant medieval-minded evangelicals might say await you.

So there you go. I have joined the agnostic masses of the doubtful and arrogantly skeptical. Go me? I find it worth mentioning that  some people close to me have mislabeled me atheist. I don’t believe that there is no god, but rather it’s that I assign all religions, spiritualities, sciences, and philosophies the same probability of being right, which in context of sheer numbers, becomes ludicrous to assert any one as correct. This doubt is predominately directed toward the Christian concept of a god (as a result of my background). However, I try my best to do as South Park would and make fun of mock everyone equally. I am not an atheist, and if I lean toward any definition, it’s either secular humanist or pastafarian (Flying Spaghetti Monster). Yay for being a heathen? Alright then.

In any event, it’s good to be back, and look forward to a stirring review on one of the best games to come out this year, possibly in the last 5.

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