Weekly Top 10: Gaming’s Best Moves.

Hey interwebs! I thought today I’d start a new ritual segment. Posting tends to be once a fortnight, on average. I’d like to change this so there’s more frequent updates here, which over time means massive contents :D I’d like to do a top 10 on a weekly basis, and the depth and breadth of it will vary from a quick run-down to a massive content-fest.

Today I bring you the Top 10 for the best moves in gaming. This was inspired by an article over at www.bit-tech.net (a favorite site of mine). I decided to number the list and present it here, on my blog, and let you enjoy it :D

#10: “He’s on fire!” – from NBA Jam. (SNES)

NBA Jam was possibly the only time that the Charlotte Hornets saw true glory. In addition, few things in the world of 6-button paddles were more upsetting than when your opponent managed 3 consecutive scores on you to active impossible dunks and a near-perfect shot percentage. Fewer things, however, were more satisfying than being on the winning end of that deal and slamming a dunk full of “who’s your daddy” from the half-court line. NBA Jam was an iconic game, which spawned the lesser-known sequel “College Slam.” A perfect blend of fantasy and sports made it so that even the most devout sports-hating geek could sit down and play without feeling like he’d fallen to the dark side.


#9: Firing the ION Cannon – from Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. (PC)

From the first cinematic shot of the cannon in space to the dramatic command to kill it with fire from Lando Calrissian, the ION Cannon has been a sure favorite superweapon among ranks of RTS games. The tale of the ION Cannon is not without a sad note, however. Due to the rushcentric strategy of CnC3, most online matches never see the use of superweapons. Unlike Starcraft, where nukes were a viable strategy, such as Boxer’s infamous blind spot nuke rush, superweapons in Tiberium Wars just simply take too long and cost too much. Still, if you’ve got the time, there’s nothing more satisfying than blasting apart your enemy’s base with this giant stellar boomstick.


#8:  The Red Shell – from Super Mario Kart (SNES)

An absolute classic, Super Mario Kart was a couch-shover, if ever there was one. NOTHING gave a gamer more satisfaction, nor made one a bigger douche, than gloating over someone after just having blasted them into oblivion with a heat-seeking red shell. The distinct smack and the following squeal of tires was sure to make you grin and your opponent grimace. Super Mario Kart has spawned an entire franchise, with titles for every system released since the original. While newer iterations may have more options, and sport a prettier, younger face, the original will always be top dog. Red shells away!


#7: Greatsword Impalement by Lord Deimos – from MACE: The Dark Age (N64)

MACE was a lesser-known title that, despite in-game promotion plastered everywhere in the very popular San Francisco Rush, never hit the popularity mark that the Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter series did. However, MACE is a fantastic game that is still very challenging. One of the best parts of the game is the ability to force the massive greatsword weilded by Lord Deimos through the torso of your opponent and parade them through the air like a trophy.


#6: Shaman Stormstrike + Windfury Crit – from World of Warcraft. (PC)

The glory days of WoW Shamans everywhere, where a big, slow two-hander and some decent rank gear made you a force to be reckoned with. When 3k hp was normal, windfury could proc off of itself and stormstrike could be double-cast. The result was a flurry of damage that would obliterate any opponent. Nowadays windfury is still a mean, nasty ability, but due to many changes to the mechanic and to the other classes in the game, as well as more specific gear, the epic damage burst of life-ending proportions are pretty much a thing of the past. What used to be the king of the battlegrounds has been relegated to that tender place in every shaman’s heart. WoW lover or not, bitchslapping your opponent with a giant hammer is something that everyone can feel giddy from.


#5: C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! – from Killer Instinct. (SNES)

Killer Instinct introduced fans to a whole new arena of play. The ability to string together huge combos without striking buttons for each individual move, and more importantly: the ability to say BITCH, NO! when someone tried to put the fury on you. Accompanied with the announcer’s meme-quality shout of “C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!” the special move, having to be timed at the linkups, allowed the player to interrupt a combo and deal a decent amount of damage in the process. The thing that made the combo breaker great was its extreme difficulty to master. It took hours of getting pummeled before you could start to learn where to break each character’s combos. Once you did, though, you were unstoppable.


#4: Going Super Sonic – from Sonic the Hedgehog 2/3 (Sega Genesis)

Sonic the Hedgehog was, in its day, enough to make a kid king of the tetherball court. I know that one of the greatest moments of despair in my life was when I came home one day and found that my 6yr old nephew had deleted all of my Sonic 3 saves and had started a new game in each slot. In any case, watching sonic switch from blue to gold and hearing the even faster music start up while you activated the ability to fly (hover) through the course and obliterate anything that meant you harm. Super Sonic is one of my personal faves, and I’m still trying to win a bid on Sonic Pinball on eBay :) . I love Sonic, and he’s a perfect top-5er.


#3: The “Break-Neck Kick” – from The Matrix: Path of Neo (PS2/XBOX/PC)

Okay, allow me to take a moment and stress the absolute awesomeness of this move. It’s a standalone as well as a combo finisher, and combined with some Bullet Time that would make Max Payne proud, it makes for a very giddy affair. I still giggle when I’ve blasted some thug in the head and send him flailing head-over-heels into a wall. Path of Neo is what Matrix fans wanted all along, and sadly it was too little, too late with its late 2005 release date. In addition the game was initially plagued with poor graphics and glitches, both of which were resolved in the first patch, but only for PC, naturally. Still, to say the least, it’s worth searching your local bargain bin or local rental shelf for the chance to do a slo-mo walk-up of someone’s chest and club them in the side of the face with your foot.


#2: Knifing – from Counter-Strike. (PC)

No matter the game, there’s always some little bitch talking shit. There’s only one way to teach him a lesson and happily that way is to repeatedly knife him to death. Making anyone who meets with the business end of your blade look like a noob, knifing is a time honored tradition amongst FPSers everywhere. While derivations can be spotted in every title, from the sci-fi energy sword of Halo to the more gory and finger-lickin’-good of the COD series, it’s Counter-Strike that taught us to love the knife.


#1: Cloud Strife’s Omnislash – from Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation/PC)

The Omnislash is the king of all moves. First-timers were introduced to it through the final battle with Sephiroth, who has topped more than one top ten list in his time, but veterans learned when and where and how to help Cloud learn the coveted limit break early. Undoubtedly the most memorable of any move from the entire Final Fantasy series, the Omnislash takes the crown for the B.E.A.R. Gaming Moves Top Ten. Rwaawr!


There were a lot of close calls and near misses that went into this list, from planting remote mines in Goldeneye 007 to the Portal Gun. In the end it came down to what I call “the giddy factor.” The placement on the list is proportional to the amount of giddy laughter it causes divided by its badass factor. Do you have a list of your own? Think I’m missing something? Let me know in the comments! :D

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2 Responses to “Weekly Top 10: Gaming’s Best Moves.”

  1. Tequila Mockingbird says:

    Items not listed that should have been

    Mortal Kombat uppercut

    Blue Shell beat red shell

    DoD Shovel beats knife

    Redeemer wipes in unreal

    Infinite Juggle in MVC2

    PARRYING EVERY ONE OF CHUN LI’S SUPER ATTACKS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np_5BHmaSI4


    that’s insane

  2. Arla Pressnell says:

    Have you tried Left4Dead 2? that is real fun

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